Breaking News

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Breaking News… This is a special report… This just in…We interrupt this broadcast with an urgent news bulletin… For quite some time, newspapers were the primary source of breaking news. Then came radio, television, and of course, the internet. We now get breaking news as it happens, and right at our fingertips. But with the competition to be the first with the story and sites like Facebook and Twitter, which anyone and everyone can access, it’s sometimes difficult to assess the credibility of source and the accuracy of the story.

That’s why Breaking News, as it happens and as supplied by credible sources and by Canadian “citizen journalists,” is so important. Watching raw video footage, reading local citizen stories, and being privy to first-hand accounts and up-to-the-minute coverage means you have the information you need to make informed decisions. Which political candidates are exiting the mayoral race? What roads do you avoid to miss a high-speed police chase? Which celebrity died suddenly of a drug overdose? From storm warnings to traffic jams to product recalls to large-scale natural or man-made disasters and live coverage of city events, breaking news generates wide appeal regardless of how much or how little it affects the daily lives of the population. People like to be in the know, to have all the details, and to be up to date. With information now able to come in fast and furiously, the public has come to demand that the flow continue, which has necessitated the public’s new position as an information filter, taking over in part from the news sources.

Although the usual big TV networks and radio stations still interrupt regular programming for news alerts and schedule time slots for news programs, special networks dedicated to news have sprung up, as have others devoted to actual breaking news. Internet has taken news to a new level. Many printed news publications are available online, and many of those host online blogs by journalists who specialize in different regions, industries, arenas, and so forth. The various news sources have come to realize that to be competitive and informative, they must tap into all the various mediums—ie: Internet for breaking news, and TV, printed publications and radio for thorough assessments of news that is still considered current.

In Canada, Breaking News has helped to establish new mediums, platforms, jobs, and public awareness. The latest Canadian news keeps the country up-to-date, informed, and alert, and keeps Canada all the more relevant to and brings it to the attention of its neighbors and the world.